The cave of Pont d'Arc

The cave of Pont d'Arc is in some kilometers of the Camping du pont in Ardèche.

To begin with, it is the first time that archaeologists have the opportunity to study a decorated prehistoric cave which remained intact after the sudden obstruction of its natural entrance right in the middle of the ice age.

The representations on the walls show an uncommon diversity and renew completely the prehistoric bestiary while repeating original associations : rhinoceros, lions, mammoths, horses, buffalos, bears, reindeers, aurochs, ibexes, megaceros stags, leopards, hyenas, owls, swans ... Before the discovery, only four or five species were known in the parietal group of the Ardèche department and the reindeer was not represented.

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Caverne du Pont d’Arc (Ardèche), billets
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