Camping du Pont is the departure point for all your activities and excursions. Thanks to our partners, our own recommendations and expert advice, we can help organize fun, sporting and educational excursions, tailor made to suit both adults and children alike.

Camping du Pont Ardèche


River canoeing or kayaking are inextricably linked with the Ardèche Gorge and the main attraction in this beautiful region... Camping du Pont, with its riverside location, can help organize your canoe river descent. 8, 13, 24 or 32 km descents await you!

The pétanque

Petanque is a popular activity at Camping du Pont. Form teams with your family or friends and take part in the competitions organised by the campsite. Share moments of conviviality, challenge and competition.

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Camping du Pont Ardèche


A little more peaceful than canoeing but just as close to the water... Stand-up paddle is a popular variation on canoeing and the ideal way to relax, cool down and observe the fish.


There are lots of sporting activities in the Ardèche to help you get fit and stay in shape; in addition, however, Camping du Pont has a special area equipped with well-maintained weight machines. You will be surrounded by trees and hedges for the full outdoor experience.
Camping du Pont Ardèche

Camping du Pont Ardèche


Discover the delights of the Ardèche, and its hidden nooks and crannies. Camping du Pont organizes guided tours and excursions to help you discover the joys of our magnificent region, whether it’s on foot, by bike, from the riverbank or the top of a hill.


Ride across from one bank to the other.. Explore the idyllic nooks and crannies of the Ardèche on horse-back, accompanied by experienced guides, and get a closer look at the region’s flora and fauna. Animals, plants, and a host of new smells and sensations await you...
Camping du Pont Ardèche