The Ardèche department is teeming with fabulous, charming and unusual villages, many of which have been officially designated the “most beautiful villages in France.” Whether perched on a hilltop, nestled against a cliff, traditional, mysterious or medieval, they are all equally spectacular.

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Vallon Pont d'Arc

The village of Vallon Pont d'Arc is inextricably linked with the Ardèche. Vallon Pont d’Arc, in the south of the department, at the entrance to the famous Ardèche Gorge is an important prehistoric site and cultural destination. It is teeming with listed, protected sites, representing a priceless heritage that is renowned worldwide.


The spectacular village of Balazuc, overlooking the river Ardèche " Village de caractère ", classified as one of the " Most beautiful villages in France " is a picturesque medieval village with ramparts, a square dungeon from the 12th century, particularly well preserved houses, maze of narrow streets, stone railings and arches that will seduce you. Situated 6 km from the Camping du Pont, it will delight lovers of hiking, history and nature.
EN – Vivez l’Ardèche > Les villages

EN – Vivez l’Ardèche > Les villages


The village of Labeaume, which is bordered by three rivers, is an officially designated “village de caractère,” (charming village). The village, which is located on the banks of the River Beaume, is surrounded by impressive limestone rocks with hollowed out caves and majestic, rugged rocks. Labeaume is an amazingly picturesque place featuring narrow, cobbled streets and vaulted passages lined with old houses and covered arcades


The village of Ruoms boasts a rich, Medieval past, typical of the Ardèche department. The old village, which is fortified by ramparts and flanked by six towers, is built around a priory with 10th and 12th century chapels and churches. At the entrance to the village you’ll find the Défilés de Ruoms, a tourist route, hewn out of rock featuring a succession of tunnels and vaulted passages. This popular shopping village, located 3 km from Camping du Pont, has everything you need (supermarket, chemists, doctors, shops selling local products etc.)
EN – Vivez l’Ardèche > Les villages

EN – Vivez l’Ardèche > Les villages


Nestled at the foot of impressive cliffs, on the banks of the Ardèche river, Vogüé exudes a distinct southern charm and is listed as one of France’s most beautiful villages. The château des Seigneurs, with its four round towers and hanging gardens, watches over the village with its amphitheatre-like design and narrow streets, dotted with arcades and vaulted passages.