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The philosophy

With an exceptional location and direct access to the River Ardèche, in a protected site with cliffs of a unique style, Camping du Pont welcomes you to 84 pitches and over 2.5 hectares of wooded space for vacations close to nature and in the greatest comfort.

An art of living

Le Camping du Pont is first and foremost a passion for the region we love to help people discover, a warm state of mind based on sharing and conviviality, an art of living close to nature with respect for the values of trust and authenticity. It is in this setting of life that we welcome you with the utmost sincerity.

An exceptional riverside

Immersed in the very heart of the renowned Cirque de Gens, Camping du Pont enjoys an exceptional location on the banks of the River Ardèche. In just a few steps, you’ll reach the banks of the river, overlooked by limestone cliffs as impressive as they are majestic.

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A family spirit

More than ever, Camping du Pont is resolutely family-oriented, a place to be enjoyed by young and old alike. Thanks to our 4-star comfort, the services we offer, the many activities we propose and the warm welcome we extend to all our customers, Camping du Pont remains a rare and authentic destination.

The spirit of nature

Camping du Pont is first and foremost a natural site, by choice and heritage. At our plant, eco-responsibility is part of everyone’s daily routine. The campsite environment is valued and respected; here, nature reigns supreme.

An eco-responsible campsite

At Camping du Pont, we’re committed to environmental responsibility, with pruning, garden shredding, an electric vehicle, a collective aromatic garden and rainwater harvesting for watering. Every day, with you, we take care of our earth.